Bible Study Tips: Look Through Another’s Eyes

The Bible is like an onion: You can find multiple layers of truth in any givenbible study passage. Just when you think you’ve excavated all the jewels of truth from a particular story, you’ll see something in it you’ve never noticed before. I’ve had a verse or passage of scripture speak something to me that was just what I needed. Then, at some later point, the same verse will speak something entirely different but equally as relevant. God’s Word is deep, rich, and full. That is what makes Bible study so exhilarating.

I want to make the most of my Bible Study time. I want get everything I can get out of a passage or story. I want to unearth layer after layer of Truth. I want God to reveal to me all treasures that are hidden in His Word. One thing that will help us get the most from any passage or story is for us to look at the events through the eyes of others in the story!

Bible StudyI’ve read the story of Jonah many times but have always viewed it from the perspective of Jonah. I found other truths in the story when I looked at it through different eyes.  Don’t limit your perspective to the perspective of just the main character, Jonah.  Read the story of Jonah, but this time think about it through the eyes of the other sailors on the ship who were just taking their wares to Joppa when their lives were turned upside down.  How would the story look different if you saw it through the eyes of the people of Nineveh or the king?

One thing that will help us get the most from any passage or story is for us to look at it’s events through the eyes of others in the story!

Think of the story of David and Goliath, but read the story as though you were Goliath, Saul, a random Philistine soldier or David’s brothers.  There are details or subtle messages in the story that may be unnoticed when looking through the eyes of the main character but come alive when seeing the events through the eyes of a secondary character.

Try this during your next Bible study time:

  1. Select one of your favorite Bible stories.
  2. List the all the characters in that story (even ones who may not be obvious or explicitly listed).
  3. Read the story again as though you were viewing the story’s events or hearing the words through the eyes or ears of a character other than the main one.
  4. Are there details that surface in the story using this approach that you may have overlooked before?
  5. Read the story again, but from the viewpoint of yet, another character.
  6. Notice how seeing the events through the eyes of different characters brings different details to life.

I hope by adding this simple approach to your reproitore of Bible study tools, you will be able to peel other layers off the onion and discover some insight that may have previously been overlooked.

~Pastor Matthew Ball

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3 thoughts on “Bible Study Tips: Look Through Another’s Eyes

    • Yes it does! I’ve been applying this approach recently and it’s amazing how it brings things to life in a story that I’ve never considered before.