Philippians on Friday: The Name of Jesus!

Thanks for joining me today for our Philippians on Friday devotion. We have come in our study to one of the most cherished verses in the entire book of Philippians!

Phil 2:9 – Wherefore God also hath highly exalted him, and given him a Name which is above every name: KJV

PhilippiansMany years ago, a woman in China went to see a missionary doctor and heard him share the Gospel. She walked miles back to her home, and somewhere along the way, she prayed to be saved. Then she re-traced her steps all the way back to the mission station and asked the doctor,

“Please, tell me His Name. He has saved me, but I cannot remember His Name. Tell me His Name again.”

The story inspired George Bennard to write the words of this classic hymn:

Oh, tell me His Name again,

And sing me that sweet refrain

Of Him who in love,

Came down from above

To die on the Cross of shame.

The story my heart has stirred,

The sweetest I ever heard.

It banishes fear, it brings hope and cheer.

Oh, tell me His Name again.

What a lovely name – Name of Jesus! It is a Name above every name. It is the only Name in which there is salvation:

Acts 4:12 (KJV) – 12 Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.

There is power in the Name of Jesus:

  • power over sickness
  • power over disease
  • power over the devil
  • power over sin
  • power to walk in victory
  • power to fulfill God’s Will

Paul told the Philippians that it was a Name “above every name.” That means if man can give something a name, then the Name of Jesus is higher because “Jesus” is a “Name which is above every name.” We might say it like this:

The Name of Jesus is higher than anything that has been named.

At some point in history some physicians examined a person with some type of tumor or growth. They tested the growth or looked at its cells under a microscope and said, “We’ll call this cancer.”

I’m not sure where and when, but I’m certain at some point in time, a psychologist or psychiatrist observed certain behaviors and said, “We’ll call this depression” or “We’ll call this anxiety.

I’m not sure if it was a thug on the street or a scientist in a lab, but somewhere, someone said, we’ll name this cocaine.  Or perhaps they said, “We’ll call this heroin.” or, “We will call this crystal meth.”

Your mountain or giant may be bigger than you, but it is not bigger than Him!

We could go on and on with every vice, sickness, or infirmity that has ever plagued the human race and determine that someone, somewhere named it!

But Paul told the Philippians that the Name of Jesus is higher than anything that has ever been named. If it has been given a name – the Name of Jesus is superior.

Jesus is greater than depression, anxiety, or anger. He is greater than diabetes, heart disease, or cancer. His Name is higher than crack or heroin. His Name is higher than any demonic spirit that may torment you or try to hinder the plan of God.

Jesus is greater than anything you are facing. Your mountain or giant may be bigger than you, but it is not bigger than Him!

Speak His Name. Call on His Name. Pray in His Name. Plead His Name. Speak to your mountain “in Jesus’ Name” and command it to be cast into the sea. Rebuke the giant that you’re facing “in the Name of Jesus” and it must flee.

Resist the enemy “in the Name of Jesus.” It is a Name that is greater than any other name!

~Matthew Ball

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  1. Thank you for adding me to your email list. I have read each of your teachings starting from verse 1:1, and shared with others. Your analogies this week, really were colorful to contrast the power in the name of Jesus!

    • Thanks, Bob! I really appreciate that. I’m thankful the devotions have been an encouragement. (and thanks for sharing the link!) God Bless.